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Kroger i-wireless $50 Plan

Reg Price: $50.00
Sale $49.00

Product Details - Kroger i-wireless $50 Plan


You are buying a brand new Kroger i-wireless $50.00 refill PIN for just $49.00! Refill PIN number is delivered to you electronically on-screen, we do not mail an actual card. You will use this PIN number to reload your Kroger i-wireless account using the refill instructions provided below. When you refill your phone, you get the exact same minutes, features, expiration, etc., as if you bought a physical refill card!

Kroger i-wireless $50 Plan

Refill Amount $50.00
Expiration Period 30 days
Minutes Unlimited Talk, Text & Data

How to Refill Your Phone With this Product

Refill Instructions | Kroger i-wireless $50 Plan

From any working phone Dial 1-866-594-3644 on any touch-tone phone. Follow the automated menu system and add the minutes you need.
Online To add your refill PIN number online visit the Kroger i-wireless website and click on "Add Airtime" at the top-right of the website.

Carrier Information ‐ Kroger i-wireless

In today’s world, staying connected is more important than ever, and with Kroger i-wireless it couldn’t be easier or more affordable.

Kroger i-wireless ALL-IN PLANS give you everything you need, including freedom from contracts and added fees, with unlimited talk, text and web available.

Additional Kroger i-wireless Information

Phone Compatibility Kroger i-wireless service works with Kroger i-wireless CDMA cell phones. Some Sprint CDMA cell phones are compatible with Kroger i-wireless service. Please contact Kroger i-wireless directly to verify whether or not your CDMA cell phone is compatible with their service.
Customer Care Call 1-866-594-3644 for Kroger i-wireless Customer Care.

Kroger i-wireless Coverage Map

Kroger i-wireless service operates on Sprint's prepaid nationwide 3G/4G network.
To check your ZIP Code visit the interactive coverage map.

Copyright and Trademark Info

Kroger i-wireless logos and marks are displayed solely for the purpose of describing the refill and replenishment products that we sell. These logos and marks are registered trademarks of Kroger i-wireless.